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We will soon be adding more Reiki related items that will allow you to increase your knowledge and understanding of Reiki and also your enjoyment of it.

I have written some books on the subject which are available to buy directly from Amazon until we have progressed further with our own online offerings. Do take a few minutes to read about these books below. They have received great reviews over the past few years and I'm sure they will be an asset for you too.

theheartofreikiI am pleased to announce the publication of my new book, 'The Heart Of Reiki'

"The Heart Of Reiki' is a tale of trust as the author dives into the depths of an unfolding adventure, seeking to highlight the connections between spiritual concepts and practices that have migrated across continents and throughout time. What if encrypted within the system of Reiki were the keys to an ancient story, consistent with nearly every story of creation ever told ?"

amazonlinkThe Heart of Reiki is Available on Amazon UK and Amazon US in both Paperback and eBook formats.

Rather than tell you about these other books myself, I will share the opinions of others with you and list some of their reviews.

ReikiandthesevenchakrasReiki And The Seven Chakras

This lovely little book is an excellent chakra primer. Guiding you through the different chakras one by one, you learn how each of them affect the us physically, mentally and emotionally.
It also contains an additional section with further information on the Reiki hand positions, clearing spaces with Reiki, diagnostic dowsing and more. The book is a pleasure to read and one you will actually finish! Enjoy it"

"This book is a beautifully written resource about the practice of Reiki, an energy healing method. I recommend it to any one who is interested in alternatives to traditional Western medical practice"

"Richard has captured the feeling of wonder that surrounds Reiki, but it's also immensely practical. So many of the current books available are very dry, following a formula of detailing the history then showing you how to do it. This one breaks the mold and is written from a very personal point of view, which makes it incredibly interesting to read and also very accessible, essential if you are to understand the true nature and potential of Reiki"

"I'm reading a fantastic book called 'Reiki and the seven chakras' by Richard Ellis. Its absolutely amazing. Written with real energy and love"

"I read Richard Ellis book too and I emailed him to say how much I enjoyed it. He is such a nice man. He is going to run a course in Glastonbury in August. I hope to meet him then. I found his approach to Reiki so refreshing and one I certainly resonated with"

"REIKI AND THE SEVEN CHAKRAS is a book for the modern age. It is of course, firmly grounded in the disciplines of Dr Usui but by introducing the author's own life experiences, takes the reader on a journey through this ancient healing art, whilst maintaining a thoroughly contemporary focus
All other Reiki books I have read, have chosen to limit coverage of the chakras to very basic information. Richard Ellis expands each of the chakras and in so doing, allows our understanding of the whys and wherefores of energy flow to grow, simply and naturally. This is essential, if one is to truly understand and integrate 'the beauty of Reiki'.
Paul Young's ground breaking illustrations, perfectly complement Richard's text, which with it's sections on REIKI IN LIFE and A MODERN HISTORY make this the only Reiki book you will ever need to buy." - David Parrish

"What a brilliant book!
I attuned to Reiki a few months back and wanted to read a bit more into the subject. This book was the first out of the three I bought that I thought I should read and boy were my instincts right.
Many Reiki 'Masters' dont go into depth with chakra information but this book explains everything you'd ever want to know. It tells you the myths around the chakras, what each one signifies and what can happen to the physical and emotional body if it is blocked in some way. It also has great exercises to do to try and free them back up.
The book also covers a bit of history about Reiki, its not in depth at all but it is enough (and unbiased) to give the general background. It also has many stories that author has encountered during his Reiki life.
I love this book, it is written with such love and understanding. I've just given it to my friend who is attuning to reiki soon and she is really enjoying it to". - J.Semmence

"I am moving towards my 2nd degree Reiki and found this book to be perfect for my needs. It is very well written, like a friend giving advice rather than dull text book style instructions. It has helped me to truly understand more about working on chakras. I am pleased to say this book does not contain any of the Reiki symbolism (as per a promise kept to the Author's own Reiki Master) which I was glad about, as I personally did not wish to know them before my time" - N G Mercer

"The reason I'm writing is that some time ago I bought your book Reiki and the Seven Chakras. I had already read a couple of other books on reiki but none impacted me the way yours did -- profoundly. It felt like coming home" - Hedy van Bochove

"Loved your book – felt the energy coming through and healing me as I read it. I was given level 1 free a couple of years ago and felt the Reiki guides all lined up behind me just like in your book. A friend asked for a treatment straight afterwards and she looked quite spooked at the end so I was a bit cautious about the power of it. Then your book was given to me to read and I cried and cried all the way through- I felt strongly guided to read it and also I had to read it slowly and not to skip forward like I usually do. Since then I have resumed my self-treatments and now wish to re- do my level 1" - Alison Cash

EmpowerEmpower Your Life With Reiki

Reviewed by Mary Patrick

This is an exceptionally beautiful book. It opens with the author’s compelling personal account of how he became involved in the practice of Reiki and goes on to give a fairly detailed overview of this system of healing.

Richard Ellis grew up in Africa. He moved to London to continue his education and become a successful photographer, working in the fashion and music industries. Despite his growing professional success, he writes of a nagging sense that something was missing from his life. One night in 1993 he was out walking in the French Alps. Looking up at the winter sky he ‘saw a hundred billion stars’ and something shifted in him.

Later that year he visited the Findhorn Community in Scotland and experienced hugely powerful surges of energy. Not really knowing what they were, he went home and tried to forget about them, until he realised that everyone he was meeting was involved in healing in some way.

He met a woman doing Reiki on herself in a bus one day and asked her what she was doing. A week later he was invited to attend a Reiki course at Findhorn. Not long afterwards he completed all three stages of the training and was initiated as a Reiki master. He closed his business, rented out his flat and went on to live in a tent in Scotland. Now he teaches Reiki, mainly in London and Italy.

I have to say that before reading this book I did not know very much about Reiki at all. It certainly helped to entice me into doing a course. I recommend it for anyone who wants to know more about Reiki and I suspect that people who have completed some or all of the training would find it an inspiring reminder of what they have learned.

Before explaining the three degrees of Reiki, the author gives a brief description of the chakra system and a few exercises for enhancing self-awareness.

Clear descriptions and full-colour photographs ( showing all the hand positions) illustrate the physical steps involved in the practice.

While it is explained that a real understanding of the full power of this system can only be learned in practical classes – the book gives a sense that much can be learned relatively quickly and that this is a powerful healing tool.

Wonderful full-colour photographs used throughout create a feeling of calm and tranquillity and add enormously to the pleasure of reading and using the book.

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