The 7 Chakras

browchakra6th Chakra - AJNA

Meaning ~ 'command' Commonly known as The Third Eye
Location ~ Onthe Forehead between the Eye Brows
Colour ~ Indigo
Element ~Light
~ The Pituitary Gland
Traditional Development ~ Ages 35 - 42 years

solarplexuschakra13rd Chakra - MANIPURA

Meaning ~ 'dwelling place of jewelst' Commonly known as The Power Centre
Location ~ At the solar Plexus.
Colour ~ Yellow
Element ~ Fire
Governs ~ The Spleen, Liver, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Pancreas
Traditional Development ~ Ages 14 - 21 years

sacralchakra12nd Chakra - SVADHISHTHANA

Meaning ~ 'your own dwelling place' Commonly known as the Sexual Centre
Location ~ Between the Genitals and Naval.
Colour ~ Orange
Element ~ Water
Governs ~ The Genitals, Reproductive Organs, Bladder and Prostate.
Traditional Development ~ Ages 7 - 14 years

heartchakra4th Chakra - ANAHATA

Meaning ~ 'that which is ever new' Commonly known as The Heart Centre
Location ~ At the centre of the Chest.
Colour ~ Emerald Green
Element ~Air
Governs ~
The physical Heart, Lungs and Thymus
Traditional Development ~ Ages 21 - 28 years

throatchakra5th Chakra - VISHUDDHA

Meaning ~ 'purest of the pure' Commonly known as The Throat Centre
Location ~ At the Throat
Colour ~ Sky Blue
Element ~Ether or Space
~ The Vocal Chords, Thyroid and Voice
Traditional Development ~ Ages 28 - 35 years

crownchakra17th Chakra - SAHASRARA

Meaning ~ 'thousand petelled lotus' Commonly known as The Crown Centre
Location ~ At the Crown of the Head
Colour ~ Violet
Element ~Consciousness
Governs ~ The Pineal Gland
Traditional Development ~ Ages 42 - 49 years

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rootchakra1st Chakra - MULADHARA

Meaning ~ 'root of our support' Commonly known as the Base Centre.
Location ~ Perineum, Base of Spine.
Colour ~ Red
Element ~ Earth
Governs ~ The Kidneys, Adrenals, Pelvis, Hips, Knees, Lower Back, Sciatic Nerve and Bowel Movement
Traditional Development ~ Ages 0 - 7 years


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