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Is Reiki religiously connected?

Dr Usui was a keen researcher into Mikkyo Buddhism and Shingon Esoteric Buddhism and it is suggested by some that the source of Reiki is to be found in the ‘Lotus Sutra’ and Usui was completing a 21 day meditation (Kushu Shinren) a Tendai Buddhist practice on Mt Kurama when he received Reiki. In the 1980’s it was suggested Dr Usui was a Christian monk however it appears that this was a story widely spread to enable Reiki to become more easily accepted by the west. Dr Usui was a Tendai from the Japanese School of Mahayana Buddhism and Reiki though practiced without affiliation to any religeon in the west has it’s roots deeply planted in Buddhism.

Do I need protection?

When we talk about protection then we presuppose that there is something we need protection from. Many New Age practices have adopted the dogma of polarity. Where there is Light there must be Dark, where there is Good there must be Evil. In my experience of working with Reiki, firstly I have always felt the energy provides me with all I need in terms of support and guidance. Secondly, I believe the only thing I need protecting from in real terms is myself! My thoughts and consequently the way I feel are my responsibility. How I choose to represent reality is up to me. If I want to scare myself with the idea that there are things out there I need to protect myself from, then I am going to become increasingly fearful and occupied with myself rather than simply relaxing and allowing Reiki to do it’s magic.

Do I need to open up and close down before and after a Reiki treatment?

I have always found it strange that people go to all the effort of opening themselves up to feel good and then insist that in order to function healthily (out there) they feel the need to close down. Once again this idea that we need to close down in order not to feel bad energies or negative energies results in us creating separation with the world. This understandably has it’s roots in our preference for pleasurable experiences over uncomfortable ones. When we are able to maintain openness regardless of the energies we encounter, then we are truly anchored in a loving vibration and there arrives a great deal of power from our vulnerability.

Can I take on other people's energy?

In Reiki 1 I teach Byosen Reikan Ho which simply means to scan. When we scan another person either visually or with our hands, we are looking for changes in sensation known as Hibiki in Japanese. These sensations lead us to places in the person that require healing. In order to do this well, a certain amount of transference has to occur. This melding with another happens in every encounter we have, it is just when we do Reiki that we are far more conscious of this transference of sensation. Once we have finished treating someone, these sensations normally will disappear. If they linger then we can do a self clearing, a self treatment, take a shower or use other clearing methods available to us.

Will I pass on my problems to someone else if I give Reiki to them?

In a perfect world, we would be free of our own ailments and patterns before treating others. However we are human and constantly experiencing a range of different thoughts and feelings depending on our experiences in life. We have at our disposal self treatment which enables us to process these quickly. The most important thing is to be aware of what you are feeling and not project this onto your client. The more you are able to stay out of the way and let the Reiki do the work the less chance you have of interfering in the process.

Can you lose your connection to Reiki?

When you receive the Reiki 1 attunements, you do so for life. I liken the attunement

to sowing a seed, in as much as it requires nurturing and cultivating to reach it's full potential. The more active you are in using the Reiki energy the more development there will be. If you choose to turn your back on Reiki, you may experience the connection being lost, but it will always be there waiting patiently for you to reconnect.

Are some people able to do it and others not?

I have met some people who excel at giving Reiki and seem more sensitive and compassionate than others but In all my years of training people in Reiki, I have never met someone who couldn't do it. In order to truly grasp the process of giving Reiki we have to move into a space of being-ness and surrender to the flow of energy coming through us. Some people find this easier than others. Many get in the way of this process and allow their rational minds to interfere and cast doubts. Even so, the energy will flow naturally through them regardless of their awareness.

Can I have Reiki 1 attunements again?

Yes you can. An attunement is like an intensified healing session and will open up the energy channels and reconnect you really quickly. Through the attunement you are connected to the Reiki Masters lineage and some people like to go to several Reiki masters and receive different attunements and connect to different lineages.

What is a lineage?

The lineage is the unbroken chain of master teachers from your initiating master back to the founder of Reiki, Dr Mikao Usui. Without this lineage a Master Teacher cannot be authorised to teach Usui Shiki Ryoho, the Usui method of Reiki. Most Western Reiki Masters trace their lineage back through Hawayo Takata and Chujiro Hayashi.

Can Reiki be combined with other therapies

Even though Reiki is a stand alone complementary therapy, by it's very nature of flowing energy, it can enhance any other therapy being used. I personally combine Hypnotherapy and Reiki in all of my work and cannot imagine one without the other. Many hands on Therapists find their work becomes more profound when they combine it with Reiki.

Can I give treatments when I am I'll?

When you are unwell, it is your bodies signal for you to rest and re balance. Treating others when you are in need of healing yourself is unwise. A valuable lesson in any Therapists journey is to ensure first you give to yourself and then you have plenty to give to others. When you feel depleted then it is better for yourself and your client to postpone the treatment until you feel well again.

What will I feel during an attunement?

Each of us represents external experience internally in a completely unique and different way. The attunement given in Reiki can therefore be experienced completely differently depending on how you do that. For some it is a gradual awakening to a more profound relationship with themselves and the world around them. For others it happens quickly with flashing lights and full technocolor. For some it is simply a deep feeling of relaxation and peace.

Many people report seeing colours, shapes and patterns. Feeling heat in the hands, feet, heart and crown. Feeling deeply peaceful or very emotional. Needing to sleep afterwards. Heightened sensitivity, visions and a sense of coming home.

Will I have any physical or emotional reactions to Reiki?

Our physical body tells the story of our life and we can see that through our posture and demeanour. When we use Reiki therapeutically we give the person an opportunity to release and let go of some of what they have been carrying. The bodies natural way to do this is by releasing emotion... (Energy in Motion). What is significant is that as we release long held emotion our physical body can shift in appearance too. Many people are surprised by the physical responses to having a Reiki treatment in particular when no one is actually touching them!

Can I do anything wrong?

In terms of channelling energy you can get in the way by making it about you. Allowing all of your insecurities to affect your state of mind when working with Reiki. Having a vested interest in the outcome of the treatment can lead you to use up reserves of your own energy as you try to push more energy into the recipient rather than simply relax and letting it flow. Also being seduced into the idea that you have to give guidance or feedback can lead you down some pretty rocky paths.

Do I need insurance?

I personally believe that Reiki only flows with the highest good of the recipient in mind. Saying that, if they trip over as they leave your therapy room you could be held accountable. It is wise to ensure for your clients and your own protection, that you have adequate public liability insurance if you are setting yourself up professionally as a Reiki practitioner.

Do I need to join the Reiki Federation?

I am very much in favour of self regulation as a means of maintaining high standards of teaching and therapy within the Reiki community. In order for Reiki to move forwards in the best possible way, we need to support organisations that take responsibility for setting the teaching and therapeutic standards and ensure Reiki is shown in the best possible light.

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