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Reiki Master Training

Reiki Master Training completes the Reiki Training provided by Practical Reiki. Master Training is split into two stages. The first stage we refer to as Reiki Master/Practitioner Level 3a. The second and final stage is referred to as Reiki Master/Teacher Level 3b.

Master Reiki Practitioner

Level 3a Master Reiki Practitioner

When I first learned Reiki there were only three levels. The third level involved an apprenticeship, learning to teach Reiki over a period of time. These days with the increase in material due to extensive research into

the practice of Reiki, the third level is often broken down into two or sometimes three distinct parts. I choose to teach Master level in two stages, Reiki 3a (Master Reiki Practitioner) and Reiki 3b (Master Reiki Teacher). The beauty of this is not everyone feels their life purpose is to teach Reiki, but they would like to have an even greater understanding of the Reiki system and learn the skills available in Reiki 3a.

Reiki level 3a Master Practitioner, deepens our understanding of the second level symbology and further enhances our Reiki practice by offering us new tools and methods. I enjoy layering my teaching so that at each level a new insight into why we do things a certain way opens up for us. In level 3a, we start to bring the whole system together and gain understanding as to why certain mudras, mantras and symbols are part of the Reiki system. Further to this we are shown the Reiki master symbol and given it’s uses in the practice of Reiki. The master 3a level completes your Reiki training and will give you all the tools and confidence you need to facilitate a Reiki healing practice.

  • Level 3a Master Reiki Practitioner course content
  • Introduction to the Master symbol
  • The origins and meaning of the second degree Symbols
  • Reiki 3 attunement
  • Space clearing and preparation with the master symbol
  • Advanced meditations and visualizations
  • Charging objects and water with Reiki
  • Hand Mudras in Reiki and treatment
  • Advanced full treatment
  • Advanced distant healing techniques
  • Close and certification

Level 3b Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Master Training

It is my belief that Reiki asks only one thing from us and that is to be the conduit through which it can continue to be here. For that it requires our willingness to participate. Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher could be the next step on your Reiki journey and the process invites you to become a link in the chain of Master Teachers that forms our lineage going back to Dr Usui himself.

As a practitioner of Reiki you will know there are only so many people you can treat one to one and even though changing the path of just one persons life for the better is deeply significant, becoming a Teacher of Reiki gives you the capacity to touch and help many more people with this healing art.

What do we look for in someone when considering them as Reiki Teachers? An enthusiasm for the subject, humility, experience, a desire to help and serve, an open heart? Ironically most people who I have taught to be Reiki Teachers were usually the last to believe they could be. If you feel a pull to do this, that is sufficient for me and together we will develop your skills and practice to another level giving you the knowledge and confidence to take someone through Reiki training yourself.

The Reiki Master Teacher level 3b training is the final level of Reiki Training and involves an in depth weekend training course followed by an assisted teaching program with a group, taking them from first level through to Master practitioner. Assisted teaching gives you the opportunity to refine your skills as a Reiki teacher with the safety of my support. It allows you to gain confidence & further insight into Reiki as you witness the changes others make when they begin their own journey with Reiki.

As the Reiki Master Teacher course gives you the ability to attune somebody into Reiki, it is important that you feel confident in your ability to hold the space for initiation. Many people who retrain with me coming from other Masters talk in particular of a lack of confidence in this area, due to a lack of support and hands on practice in real life teaching situations.

In the past I have always allowed students to assist on my courses and I also ask students to organize Reiki Training courses in their area for small groups which I come and run with them as part of their training. This works really well and adds skills and confidence in marketing and organization which I have been able to help with from my many years of experience. It also serves to sow the seed for your own healing and teaching practice in your immediate area, which you can then develop and build upon. I will also add you to a directory of approved Reiki Teachers on my own web site as I have many people asking for practitioners and teachers outside of my own area that are unable to travel to me.

Level 3b Reiki Master Teacher course content

  • Exercises and Inquiry into becoming a Reiki Master Teacher
  • How to attract the perfect client or perfect student
  • Purification meditation opening to the lineage
  • Master Teacher Attunement
  • Introduction to the Attunement symbols
  • Preparing a Sacred Space for attunements
  • Giving a Reiju Blessing
  • Reiki attunements preparation and practice
  • Presentation skills
  • Close and certification


"The teaching style was perfect for me, a balance of being serious, lighthearted, and patient. The healing sessions were powerful and useful for learning new techniques, and the advanced healing treatment really inspired me. I really enjoyed the attunement process and the manner in which it was conducted was beautiful. Overall the workshop reignited my passion for Reiki and I feel more strongly connected to the energy and the system. I am looking forward to the next step! Thank you Rich".
Adela Griffin

Just to let everyone know that from personal experience I feel I learned so much more about Reiki (and myself) as a result of this course and especially being given the benefit of assisting.
Penny Keeling Reiki Master/Teacher

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