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Born 16/11/1965

Richard Ellis is an author of two books and a complementary health practitioner specialising in the relationship between mind and body. He is a Master Teacher of Reiki, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

Richard’s career in complementary therapy began in the early 1990’s completing his formal training as a Reiki instructor by early 1995 at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Following a period of international teaching tours Richard was approached to write his first book ‘Empower your life with Reiki’ published by hodder & Stoughton in 1999. This book was published in the United States by Sterling Publishing and re-titled ‘Practical Reiki’and went on to be translated into several languages.

Following the success of Practical Reiki, Richard started work on his second book ‘Reiki and the Seven Chakras’ published in 2002 by Vermillion. It has been translated into several languages and has sold over 40,000 copies in the English language.

Richard’s keen interest in the chakra system, the nature of disease and the link between mind and body, led him to develop his own training program utilizing posture analysis and non verbal communication called The Body Never Lies.

In addition to his writing and healing work, Richard has studied various forms of bodywork and holds Diplomas in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Richard continues to research methods of enhancing his busy practice and classes.

Richard runs his practice from Dorset England where he lives with his partner and three children.

Master Reiki Trainer - Richard's Introduction to Reiki

Reiki Master was a long way off, but i was on my journey. It was September 1994 and here I was in Findhorn, Scotland taking my Reiki 1 training. June Woods my Reiki master said “Place your hand here” and she guided my hand over The person lying on the massage table. At first I felt a tingling sensation then great heat in the palm of my hand. “Are you doing that?” I asked. “No my dear Reiki is doing that, just relax and let it flow” Those simple words will stay with me forever. It was neither June nor myself creating the flow of energy through my hands, Reiki was doing that, but by me relaxing and letting it flow I was allowing it to happen. My introduction to Reiki through June Woods has served me well throughout the many years I have been practicing and teaching Reiki. She ensured my approach was always honest and simple. She would never get involved in great discussions about it, she far preferred a good gossip over a cup of tea and some battenburg cake. Healing for her was a way of life. She practised healing through the British Federation of Spiritual Healers for many years before discovering Reiki. ‘Indomitable June’ as she was affectionately known was always available whenever asked and when not healing, or running an errand for someone, could be found pottering about in her garden with its huge crystal and wind chimes. Her home a mobile bungalow set in the heart of the Findhorn community near the nature sanctuary had walls adorned with nick nacks given to her by her many visitors from around the world. My introduction to Reiki complete, I enthusiastically set about learning all I could about the Reiki practice.

Becoming a Reiki Teacher

Approximately half a mile from Junes bungalow sits RAF Kinloss, a search and rescue facility for antiquated Nimrod aircraft that were a derivative of the comet the first jet airliner in public use. Consequently they are not the quietest of aircraft particularly during take-off. It had been a year since I received second level Reiki and this afternoon in May 1995 the day I was becoming a Reiki Teacher, they were practising circuits and bumps which meant every fifteen minutes a great roar could be heard that would shake poor Junes bungalow to the core as the Nimrod attempted once again to break free of Earths gravity.

“Don’t worry dear just ignore them” said June “Lets do a little meditation”

‘Meditation? How on earth are you supposed to be able to meditate with..ROARRRRRR…..the Nimrod headed off for another circuit.

Becoming a Reiki Teacher was not the peaceful process I had imagined it would be.

“Ask for help” she said trying to be heard above the roar.

So with me on the sofa, Junes cat curled up next to me and June opposite in her arm chair we closed our eyes. ‘Its no good’ I thought, ‘I am not supposed to become a reiki master' I tried to ignore the thoughts and silence my mind. I asked the Grand masters for help Dr Usui, Dr Hayashi, Hawayo Takata please be with me……

I remember feeling and hearing June stand up, I felt the breeze on my right shoulder and cheek as she brushed past me. She stood behind me and stepped into my body. My breath became rapid as I felt myself expand. Then I felt someone else step into me then another and another, each time an expansion of my being.

When I opened my eyes there was absolute silence. June was looking at me from her armchair a little concerned. “you all right?” she asked. “I had no idea that’s what it would be like", I said

"I haven’t started yet", said June, so I went on to describe what had happened to her.

This served to pacify all my insecurities about becoming a Reiki master and once again confirmed to me it is not us doing it. “Just relax and let it flow” as June said. It appears the process of becoming a Reiki master has little to do with the reiki master giving it, other than them being present and acting as an anchor for the process to take place.

Later once I was teaching Reiki myself and passing on initiations I was always very aware that if the Reiki energy didn’t turn up, nothing I could do would have much effect. Fortunately for me it has never failed to be present.

It has been 17 years since those first tentative steps with June into the world of Reiki and I have learned much. My life as a result of Reiki has changed dramatically for the better and the healing that has taken place is something I am deeply grateful for. I found a doorway through Reiki and it connected me to a part of myself that I often searched for.

Slowly I learned through the simple application of this healing art how to navigate in this world with gentleness and how to offer a space for others to heal and grow. My practice has evolved over the years and I continue to learn and grow. These days I have a thriving practice and students all over the world. Each year I watch new students opening to Reiki with the same sense of wonder that I did and each year I watch as my older students graduate as Reiki masters and head off on their own journey as Teachers.

I choose Reiki because I know that it’s essence is pure and comes from truth. My experience is that by simply placing my hands on someone and “Relaxing and letting it flow” something beautiful happens and my life would be much the poorer without it

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Love to you all Richard - Reiki Master


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