This is the first of my blogs since the beginning of August and I want to kick of the new season with some useful methods of enhancing and appreciating your day to day lives. Over the next few weeks I will be introducing some great ways to enhance your relationship with yourselves and your immediate environment.

To start with this week I want to talk about the importance of gratitude in our lives. As one of the Reiki principles, “Just for today I am grateful and thankful for all the wonders and blessings in my life” it is something that I have focused on over the many years I have practiced Reiki, but like anything its good to revisit our principles to remind ourselves of their value.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up with needs and wants that take us outside of ourselves and create dissatisfaction with what we actually do have in our lives. Often we feel that if we could just have this or that life would be better but the reality is as long as we are focused on what we are dissatisfied with, we give our power to that which we don’t want and draw it to ourselves. As such Gratitude is the key ingredient in the law of attraction and manifesting the lifestyle we desire, because quite simply it focuses on what we do have in our lives and by expressing gratitude for that, we open ourselves to more of it.

Gratitude dissolves negativity and has shown in empirical studies by Positive Psychologists to be incredibly effective at overcoming depression. We can only begin to notice how many gifts there are in our life when we open our eyes to look for them. In order to do that we need to be present in the NOW. Next week I will show you some great ways to do that to enhance this process, but for now (Pun intended..) Begin like so…

How to begin expressing our gratitude?

Ensure you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes, disconnect the phones etc.. and sit down in a quiet place. Ideally a quiet garden. Have a notepad and pen near you and a glass of fresh water.

Come into the NOW

Close your eyes and notice your breath. Be aware of the rise and fall of your chest with each breath you take. Become aware of the in breath and the out breath. Notice at the end of each, there is a pause.. See this pause as punctuating now moments.The next in breath moving you into a new now-ness and the next out breath moving you away from the  the old now-ness.

Give thanks for this moment of aliveness

Notice that you are sitting on a chair being supported, and the ground beneath is supporting the chair. Remind yourself that the earth is below you and expand your awareness to imagine the whole globe beneath you slowly revolving. Think of the moon balancing the spin of the earth above. Expand your awareness out to include the sun. If you are outside, feel the warmth of it on your skin. Think of the vastness of the Universe.

Give thanks for this moment of aliveness.

Open your eyes

1. Savour things through all your senses.

  • look for something of beauty in your immediate surroundings and appreciate it
  • listen to the sound of life around you and appreciate it
  • smell the fragrance of life and appreciate it
  • drink some of the water slowly and appreciate it
  • experience the passage of water through your body and appreciate it.

2. Take your notepad and pen and answer these three simple questions known as the www’s

  • What is good in my life right now?
  • What am I grateful for in my life right now?
  • What is going well in my life right now?
3. Create a gratitude journal
Practice makes perfect.
Each day, enter into your journal everything you are grateful for, express gratitude for what is in your life and what you have right Now.
The more you practice gratitude the easier it becomes and soon you will find that you are no longer prepared to entertain negative thoughts in your head. Remember you write your own story in life and you alone are responsible for what you write. Your beliefs in the present moment create your future so sow the seeds that you want to flower.
Make it your mission to work on yourself and let it become a way of life.
Next week, Mindfullness meditations and being Present in the NOW.
Thanks for listening
Reiki Rich





3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. you are spot on with this Rich. People spend far too long moaning or dreaming about the things they do not have. Whilst in this negative mind they pay no attention to and take for granted that which they do have. If people cant find something to be thankful for they should think of what they do have in their life that they would not want to do without. They should be thankful for this… I get my kids to say thankyou every night for all the good things that have happened to them during the day. They actually look forward to doing it.

  2. An excellent reminder for all of us, so thank you for sharing your thoughts, and giving your time to write the blog. I’m grateful to read them! Xx

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