The psychosomatic nature of illness

Today I was given a great example of the body mind connection when I took my 11 year old daughter to have the cast she had been wearing for a fractured wrist removed. To give you some background to this injury, my daughter is an incredible dancer and gymnast (I know I am a doting father but trust me she really is). For the last 12 months she has been practicing for a show with a series of solo performances at the Lighthouse in Poole which is in a little over ten days time. The fracture was obviously a disaster to her and today was D day for her and the dance school, in terms of what she would be able to salvage.  The nurse very efficiently informed her she would cut off the plaster cast she has had on and the doctor would examine it and send her if needed for another X Ray. The moment the plaster came off, my daughter burst into tears and as I hugged her she said Dad it really hurts. I quickly sat her down and asked her to hold my hand whilst I provided support to her wrist with my other hand. I allowed Reiki to flow and then calmly said to her, “Your arm has got used to being supported and we just need it to know it’s going to be ok without the cast”. Feeling reassured (supported) she calmed down a little and while we waited for the doctor I just let energy flow into her arm. 

We were sent for another X Ray and while we were waiting for her turn, another lady came out of the X Ray room clutching her wrist and limping on the left side. It was a very noticeable posture and she looked in great pain. I thought about why she might need support on her left side, the feminine, receptive and nurturing side.

Once the X ray’s had been taken we went back to see the doctor and I was thrilled when he said the wrist had healed and there was no need for a plaster cast. My daughter though was still holding her arm as if it was broken. I knew we still had some work to do to release her wrist from the idea of a fractured arm and as if to endorse this, as we sat there I noticed the lady I had seen earlier exiting the X Ray room, was in the booth beside us. Whilst we were getting my daughter’s coat on,  I overheard the doctor say, “Your arm is not broken and we don’t need to put it in a cast”. I think I was as surprised as she was having seen her clutching her wrist earlier. It just goes to prove the ‘idea’ of a break can be as debilitating to the body as the real thing.

On the journey home I spoke with my daughter using hypnotic language and suggestions about how her wrist was now able to move freely, without pain and the more she realised the bones within her wrist were strong and able the more able she would realise she could  use her wrist normally again and so on….

In the 20 minute ride home I watched how at first she took off the support splint she had been given and slowly started stretching and manipulating her hand and fingers. Then she started rotating her wrist. By the time we were home she was shaking it about and laughing out loud yelling, “I’ve got my wrist back, I’ve got my wrist back!”

I wish only that the lady in the booth next to us had someone to support her to release the idea of a broken wrist because sometimes that is all it is, an idea in the mind that is believed by the body.

For anyone interested in knowing more about the relationship between mind and body, keep an eye out for my weekend course, “The Body Never Lies”.



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  1. So true… how our ideas of being ill in our minds can manifest in the physical. I know my body never lies… I just need to learn how to pay attention to it! Looking out for the course Rich…. and exploring my kinesthetic ability. 🙂

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