The Power of The Reiki Symbols

I recently returned from a retreat in Glastonbury where I had deliberately asked spirit to arrange a change in the weather as the prediction wasn’t going to serve me and my group at all. The resulting sunshine created an interesting discussion around the breakfast table of the power of the Reiki symbols to support clear intention. One of the group told me I should blog about the experience I had in Hawaii with the Reiki power symbol that I opened my book Reiki and the Seven Chakras with. Further bellow is the extract from the book.

This reminded me of another experience I had of the power of Reiki symbols. Towards the end of my stay in  Hawaii my friend Matthew and I were offered the opportunity to go on an incredible dive trip into a submerged crater off the coast of Maui. Our problem was we would need to extend our stay and as we were travelling on separate airlines we both made phone calls separately. Unfortunately there was terrible weather in California causing huge delays out of Hawaii and our airlines both said there was no chance and we should stick with the seats we both had.

We looked at each other and pondered what to do next. We decided to ask ourselves what internal resistance we had that prevented a flow of grace in this situation. Matthew and I both realised we had to let go of the sense of obligation to go home for someone else. We sent distant healing to the situation to release all resistance and then to the airlines. Forty five minutes after our initial telephone calls we both phoned the separate airlines again. Nothing had changed with regard the situation in California or the airport in Hawaii as far as I know, but you can imagine our smiles when both of us managed to reschedule our departures…

Here’s a story about the Reiki Power symbol

“As The Pilot of the Hawaiian Airlines flight throttled forward, the tired old DC9’s engines vibrated noisily in response like some badly loaded spin drier at full tilt. With a noise to performance ratio severely out of balance they began to slowly push us forward on our take off run from Maui airport to the Big Island. Sitting next to me Thomas was talking about the nature of giving and receiving. He was one of our group that had congregated in Maui for the winter solstice 1996. As we were all far from our families and homes, Alex a resident of Big Island whom we had met the week before had invited us over for Christmas. Thomas was explaining universal accounting.. “If we ask for a financial exchange for something we teach, we should not be attached to the idea that it has to come from the person we teach it to…It could come from somewhere else” he said “and not straight away, everything has to balance out….” I smiled thinking how I might persuade my bank manager the merits of this theory next time I asked for a loan….

The DC9 was now gathering speed… “Just a moment…” I said interrupting Thomas … “I need to do something”…  I placed my hand in front of me and drew the Reiki power symbol in the air, the mantra passed silently through my mind, I visualised the symbol passing down the central isle of the aircraft toward the cockpit. Suddenly the DC9 lurched forward as the pilot urgently applied the brakes, the engines which a moment before had been propelling us towards lift off were hastily throttled back into silence. The aircraft slowed and then turned left off the runway. Out of the right hand side windows we could see the end of the runway only a hundred yards away and then the ocean. “What did you do”? asked Thomas looking astonished. “I just remembered what my Reiki master taught me about using one of the Reiki symbols to protect journeys” I said equally astonished. The Captain came on the intercom and in a customary tone gave us an explanation as if what had just happened was a commonplace occurrence ”Sorry ladies and gentlemen we need more take-off room for the weight we are carrying, We will taxi to the end of the runway and begin our take off run from there….” I felt the ‘tell tale tingling of truth’ run down my spine as the hair on my arms stood to attention. Sometimes you just know you have experienced a moment of intervention by spirit, a moment where the doorway opens and something reaches through and touches you. It is why we believe in Guardian angels, why in our hearts we know there is someone there watching out for us. It had happened before to me but never in response to something I had done. I knew in my heart the relationship between my action of drawing the symbol and the event of the aircraft stopping was connected. Of course it could never be proved and certainly argued away, but I knew. So did Thomas.”

I would be interested to hear any similar personal stories you may have in the comments section bellow.


4 thoughts on “The Power of The Reiki Symbols

  1. Great stories.

    I want to talk about the opposite: why when we ask for intervention from spirit it doesn’t happen. From time to time I find myself in a situation where I don’t want to accept what I am going through. At these times I give out a kind of childish prayer that something be miraculously and powerfully changed. It won’t surprise you that nothing changes.

    I think it’s related to intention, and therefore links directly to the first story you shared. In these situations of stuckness, I guess I am the cause of my feeling stuck. When I just cry out to heaven to get rid of it, is it really going to work? The problem is that what remains inside me is the thing causing the stuckness in the first place. This won’t just disappear because my mind said it should. What I need to do is to look inwards, as you and your friend did when trying to rearrange flights, and find the resolution there. After that, and a quick glance at spirit, and things will shift like knife through butter.

  2. Love the stories Rich…. After knowing you for just over a year now I can confirm things tend to work out for you just right most of the time. It is not by chance though as I know you always BELIEVE that things will work out and you manifest the results through your intention combined with the power of the symbols. The last two weekends have been prime examples with the weather. Whilst it seemed to be raining everywhere for everyone our reality was a bit different. We had sunshine throughout the weekend and the rain stopped each time we were having breaks, performing attunements or doing Chi Kung at the Tor. Whilst intent is vital the power of the symbols magnifies the results significantly.

  3. I remembered the weirdest experience I have had with the symbols……I decided to space clear my childrens bedroom one day as I had been told by several people my property was haunted, then a clairvoyant person had told me there was definitely all sorts going on around the house. She said there was a ley line running through the place which was causing issues as well. I never did anything about it or worried however, after doing reiki 2 and learning the symbols I decided to clear the house. I went to my kids room first being the concerned parent and done ckr into all 4 corners of the room and then went into the middle to finish. All of a sudden the curtains started blowing inwards then the double glazing window which was half open SLAMMMED SHUT!!!. Ai this stage I did not panic but thought wtf. A double glazing window can not slam shut. So, I went over and opened it and tested it and it was very stiff. There was no way it had blown shut by itself or by the breeze outside. I thought to myself I can’t tell anyone and no one will believe me. I was considering a panic attack and then remembered Richard saying that if ckr does not clear a room then more stagnant energies can be cleared using the other symbols (the more the better I thought), so with the window open I went around the room drawing all the symbols and as I went into the middle the curtains started blowing outwards. As I finished and gave thanks for what ever had taken place the curtains stopped blowing and all was still. I sighed a big sigh and then laughed nervoursly feeling relieved. I never mentioned the incident to anyone except Richard a few months later and he just smiled his ‘all knowing smile’.

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