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Following on from my recent blog on Reiki and Protection, I would like to discuss The Ego development and how it contributes to our notion of a Polarised Universe.

I love the Chakra system as an illustration of the journey we make into conscious awareness. Starting with our conception we begin the process of building ourselves in shape and form as millions of years of intelligent evolution programmed in our DNA sets to work at an incredible rate. If all goes well, by the time of our birth in a little under ten months we have all our fingers and toes and are thrust into the world with little more than a very loud cry to get what we need.From these precarious beginnings we begin to build the foundations on which we will develop to varying degrees our sense of self. This early development is designed to seat consciousness in the physical body. Fusing with the material dimension, we begin to differentiate between physical sensations in the body and those in the environment. A baby bites a blanket and it doesn’t hurt whereas it bites it’s own thumb and it does. So the baby begins to identify itself as separate from it’s environment like a secondary birth. The first being that from it’s Mother, the second from the World itself.

The Ego formation is a continuing series of developments from what it was before, like a version of the Russian doll, separating itself further and further from reality, moving increasingly into a subjective view of the world and itself. Each Ego creating a unique perspective of reality based upon it’s internal representation of the outer experience. The paradox is that whilst it see’s itself increasingly isolated from the world it lives in, it seeks association and craves validation and it does that by looking outwards for approval. Slowly defining and adjusting it’s behaviour based on what gets the best response or simply the most attention.

The Ego whatever it likes to think itself to be is simply a self creation based on environment and experiences and like the clothes that we wear, makes a statement and announces our arrival. It is ever changing in sophistication and appearance as it strives to refine itself to make the most impact on it’s environment. In a dog eat dog world, the Ego rules and looks upon others to re enforce it’s feeling of superiority or inferiority. The world exists to the Ego but like Disneyworld it is merely as a playground, a place where we can live out our fantasies and create any reality we so choose no matter how far it roams from reality. As it continues to see itself as something separate and detached from the world it denies itself intimacy with the very place from where it came. Increasingly isolated from reality the Ego finds itself alone observing the world out there as something quite abstract a mental construct and difficult to identify with. Even God becomes a construct in the mind and is out there…..

Contained within each ego however is something very real, fragmented, but part of the whole, like a mirror shattered into a thousand pieces, each piece reflecting the same image that was there when the mirror was whole. … when the mirror is put back together again a single image is reflected once more. The ego is the instrument through which consciousness reveals itself and ironically it holds the power of choice. The power to allow an awakened consciousness that is real to take it’s place or at the very least co exist. This process requires us to not only awaken to reality but to re-integrate reality.

To the Ego this process is the death of itself like in the movie The Matrix, Neo the main character is offered a choice to remain in his everyday life and forget about the Matrix or to learn what the Matrix really is. Choosing to learn what the Matrix really is, he takes a red pill designed to disrupt his body’s neural connection to the Matrix, and wakes up disoriented and alarmed to find himself weak, hairless, naked in a pod full of red liquid, connected to many wires and everything he knows himself to be is stripped away.

Though at times an awakening process can be disorientating and leave you feeling naked, from this death grace is born and The Ego finds it still does exist but has become “A loving servant instead of a controlling master” giving over the space that was its, to a being-ness that knows how to navigate and move in this world because it is of this world!

The ego is a temporary role that we are playing or have been conned into playing with our own consent in the way a hypnotised person is willing to be hypnotised. Society ensures we maintain the trance and re enforces it with suggestions of needs, wants and desires. The daily cocktail of fear is thrust down our throats as news broadcasters fill our appetite with the latest dramas of the day and the greatest taboo is for each of you to reveal who you really are behind the mask of your apparent separate, independent and isolated egos.

When we realise quite simply that we do not come to earth but are from the earth like the leaf is part of the tree all that changes because we realise the planet we live on and everything on it  is part of us and what we do to the planet we do to ourselves.

Dr Alan Watts  wrote in his book ‘Become what you are’;

“I seem to be a brief light that flashes but once in all the aeons of time, a rare, complicated and all too delicate organism on the fringe of biological evolution, where the wave of life bursts into individual multicoloured drops that gleam for a moment only to vanish forever”

As we are the leaf and the tree so are we the drop and the ocean, the rays of light of every star in every galaxy and the dark void of space. It is only when we reconnect with the earth from which we clothed ourselves that we stop feeling separate and isolated. Each day we have the opportunity to awaken from the hypnotists trance and remember who we really are behind the mask. When we finally view humanity as part of our own self the battle for supremacy ends and Instead we recognise our brothers and sisters.

In chakra theory, the Ego is defined by the 3rd chakra, Manipura means the dwelling place of jewels. Here we refine ourselves and draw upon the fire element to give us power but it is not until we go to the heart Anahata that we discover real power is not to be found in our individual strength but instead our vulnerability and to awaken to our true self we must take that step and dare to open our hearts.

“Life exists only at this very moment, and in this moment it is infinite and eternal. For the present moment is infinitely small; before we can measure it, it has gone, and yet it exists forever. . . . You may believe yourself out of harmony with life and its eternal Now; but you cannot be, for you are life and exist Now.”—from Become What You Are 

5 thoughts on “The Ego

  1. absolutely brilliant. really good points mentioned and vivid explanations that make you think. Had to reread this one twice to digest it though. I think its because of how deep it goes and the questions the writing poses. Thank you

  2. What Manj said!
    I have read it twice and it does take some digesting but an excellent to cover Rich. Well done!

  3. How to speak about the ego without speaking from the ego, who knows…  
    I, for one, do not believe in many words.  

    On a song and a record called “brainwashed”, George Harrison, who knew more than me on the subject, used these words :  

    “The soul does not love, it is love itself,
    It does not exist, it is existence itself,
    It does not know, it is knowledge itself.”

    Is the brainwash of society boosting the artificial notion of our own personal self to such extent that we lose sight of these eternal notions?
    Could it be?

    • Lao-tzu said to know truth one must get rid of knowledge and that nothing is more powerful than emptiness..he must have hung out with George 🙂

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