Spiritual Guidance and Reiki

Path of the Ancients

By Manjinder Aujla 

Echo’s of my ancestors
Footsteps of my soul
Guides on my spiritual journey
Showing me the path back home 



When a person decides to walk the spiritual path they embark on a journey that has been taken by many before them.  Walking this path with an open heart and open mind will allow the wisdom of the ones that have gone before them to light the road ahead. A spiritual journey does not take a person to a new unseen destination but is more of a coming home journey.  It is a return to source, to the place it all began.  The closer you get to source the more you remember.  This is the ultimate goal of a spiritual journey; to remember.

Even though many souls will walk this path each soul does it in their own way.  Along the path each person becomes their own master and leaves their own unique energy signature as a beacon of light for others to follow.  In essence they become the light that they once followed.  When this happens the student becomes a teacher.

In this blog I would like to discuss the importance of a teacher in Reiki or for that matter on any spiritual path.  Everybody, no matter how intelligent or spiritually developed they are needs guidance on the road to enlightenment or any form of self healing work.  Some souls are older and more developed than others.  Even they however, need to be shown the path and nudged and poked until they remember what they once knew.  It would be foolish for anyone to think they can complete this journey alone.  A spiritual journey may be one that a person can only take on their own, but it would be a very long and difficult journey without help and guidance along the way.

There may be many reasons why a person may decide to bring Reiki into their lives.  There is however only one reason why Reiki decides to come into a persons life.  Reiki only enters a person’s life when they are ready for it.  It is at a time when a person’s higher self has opened up and asked for guidance and asked to connect with creation.

Reiki will guide a person in many ways all of which are through balancing a person’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body and chakras and ultimately in opening a person’s heart.  This is an opening to spirit, to unconditional love and to living in bliss.  On this journey a person may receive guidance in many ways.  Guidance is always there if a person is ready and open to receive it.  It becomes more obvious and happens more often as a person progresses on this journey.  Guidance can come in the form of intuition, visions, voices, signs, feelings and synchronicity.

The guidance I wish to discuss here though, is the type that can make the most impact on a person’s life.  The guidance I want to talk about is of the human form.  If a student is blessed enough and is ready and willing to learn, the universe will send teachers to them.  It is said that when a student is ready the teacher will show themselves.  It is also said that everyone will find the teacher that is best for them.  There are many wonderful Reiki teachers in the world today and they all have different qualities and abilities.  I was blessed enough to have Richard knock on my door and sell me a Reiki attunement. (He was struggling at the time and was doing door to door).  I could not think of a more suitable teacher for me.  I have also met other people on my journey who have guided me in the right direction. I may not have known it at the time but these teachers that have come into my life have each held similar beliefs and views as myself and had the specific qualities and knowledge that I needed to get me going on my spiritual path.

A teacher may help different students in different ways.  A Reiki teacher not only needs to do the basics such as passing attunments, teaching procedures and imparting knowledge.  There are many other aspects that come as part and parcel of practising Reiki and a student may need a teacher who can help and guide them through their Reiki journey.  This may be as a spiritual teacher, a role model, a confidant, a counsellor or a friend.  These traits are not found in every teacher so a student may find it beneficial to speak to the teacher or some of their students to see if the teacher can offer them what they are seeking.  There are many teachers who will attune a student and give them a manual and wave good bye.  This may be fine with some students but I feel this is sad and disappointing for both the teacher and any students.  I may have not known any better if this had happened to me but I doubt I would be writing this blog if I had gone with a different teacher.  It is actually Richards’s guidance and him virtually pushing me that has got me into writing.  I have much respect and admiration for the teachers I have had.  I have asked myself in the past if I can be a good a teacher as them.  I now understand I do not need to be as good as them.  I can only be myself and be as good as I can be.  For example I have taken from Richard vast amounts of knowledge and many qualities such as integrity and humility, I hold the energy of his lineage and will teach what he taught me, but I will do this in my own way with my own unique signature.  Hopefully I too will be the perfect teacher for someone one day.  I believe the seeds have been sown inside me and they are blossoming and I am definitely feeling the Reiki.

Thank You Very Much


3 thoughts on “Spiritual Guidance and Reiki

  1. Manj – thank you, this is so so true. I was struggling with wanting to be as good as Richard with my teaching and I then realised that actually I’ve had the best teacher in Richard but now it is up to me to just be me and teach as I am able to. I was thrilled with the results of my first teaching session and now have a new found confidence. I love how you write – please keep inspiring the rest of us.
    Sue x

  2. Manj….we have had the best teacher in Rich for us….some very lucky students will find their best in you….you have not just learnt from the master…you are the master…with your own unique style and qualities to pass on all that you have learnt together with your own special insights to others and set them on their way along the reiki path. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and intuitive feelings.xxx

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts manj, I loved reading your blog, it made me feel quite emotional. I think your blossoming beautifully too, I’m looking forward to reading your next piece. Xx

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