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In the next three weeks I will be writing a series of blogs describing in detail great methods for space clearing and preparation. Also how to prepare ourselves for healing so that we are mindful of what we are feeling before, during and after a treatment and also how to release the effects of the session with our client once the treatment has ended.


The key aspect in manifesting energy for healing is the intention behind it. Just like a shamans role is to bring spirit to the earth for the purpose of ceremony and ritual,  so too is it the Reiki practitioners role to manifest energy in the here and now for the purpose of healing. Space preparation clearly falls into the area of intention setting and is intrinsic to the continuity and success of a Reiki practice.

Depending on the level of reiki you have achieved, there are different things that can be done to ensure your intention is clear. Ideally you have will have completed at least level two Reiki training so that you can use the Reiki symbols as part of your space purification. The three symbols that we use are the power symbol, the distant healing symbol and the emotional mental healing symbol.

The power symbol is directly connected to the elements of earth, water, fire, air, space, light and consciousness and as such it can be seen as the journey of spirit to Earth, harmonising and balancing all the elements of creation on that journey. When we draw the symbol into our environment we give direction to our intention and can construct energetically a sacred space into which we can manifest an abundance of healing and transformative energy.

The distant healing symbol reminds us that there is no separation between ourselves and our Buddha nature and therefore empowers us to use our intention to draw forth our innate connection to the Universal Intelligence and love for the purposes of healing.

The emotional and mental healing symbol has deep associations to the essential quality of compassion and as such can be viewed as symbolic of our intent to purify and cleanse emotional and mental residues that may have become stuck in a space.

When clearing a space it is important to remember we are primarily clearing the energetic space and the changes to the physical space are simply a reflection of the work we do on other levels. Saying that, there is no substitute to a good polishing cloth and duster when called for and you should always begin with the densest level and make sure the room is clean and tidy. Because we are working energetically, it is possible for you to create a personal sacred space for yourself in a large room such as an exhibition hall. When there are many practitioners in a mind body spirit exhibition for example,  you are able to create your own area in which to function separate from all the other practitioners and vendors within the room. It is equally possible for you to create a space outdoors, for example the perimeter of a property or an area outdoors where you are performing a ritual. You may wish to define this space first with rocks or crystals placed on the ground.

If you sit or stand centrally in the area you wish to clear and allow yourself to tune into what is there, you may find you can feel disharmonious energies affecting your body. That’s okay. Once you are aware of what exists, you can then do something to change it. Remember don’t get caught up in the drama of it..

The following procedure can be done either as a visualisation or by actually walking around the space you intend to clear. Ideally you would orientate yourself with the four directions; east, north, west and south. However if you are unsure of your orientation you may just follow the natural contours of a room starting in one corner and moving in an anticlockwise direction.

If it is your own private healing space that you are working on, you may burn sages and incenses prior to the following procedure and light a candle.

We begin by standing in the centre of the room facing east. Put a power symbol into your palms and place your hands in Gassho.  When you feel connected begin the construction of the sacred space by drawing a power symbol into a corner of the room, ideally the most easterly, then tracing our hands along the walls in an anticlockwise direction we draw energy to the next corner of the room where we place another power symbol. We then continue to the next corner repeating all the way around the room until we are back at the original corner where we started and seal our intent with a further placement of the power symbol. We then stand in the centre of the room facing the east and tracing from above, place the distant healing symbol, the emotional mental symbol and the power symbol down into the room. I like to view this construction as a four sided pyramid. Most rooms are four sided and so it fits nicely. Then place your hands in Gassho, invoke your helpers and ask for the highest good of all concerned who enter this space. proceed with Gassho Meiso to manifest energy and feel it building up within you and expanding out to fill the space.  This may be accompanied by visualisations of light expanding from your heart and filling the space you are working in.

A healing prayer and invocation I use is as follows.

“I am the presence calling on all those that love me,
guide me and support me to be with me now.
I invite the brothers and sisters of the Reiki lineage
in particular the masters Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata
I ask for their guidance and to ensure all that takes place here
is of the very highest good at all times.
I call on the healing power of Reiki 
to flow now to where it is needed most”

If you are only trained to level one in Reiki, you can still have a powerful affect on the energy in a space through the use of your intent and Reiki. Follow the procedure as given above omitting the symbols.

Once you have created the space and have manifested the energy though Gassho, you can move onto the next step and develop mindfulness.

Check back next week for step two in this series.

Thanks for listening

Reiki Rich

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  1. That picture really helps to visualise what happens in this space-clearing ceremony.

    Synchronistically I did some of my own space clearing today for the first time in a long time, before I read this post.

    Thanks for the good words, Richard.

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