New Beginnings

With this weeks equinox and new moon the emphasis is on new beginnings and I want to share an exercise I do with many of my clients to help you clarify what you want. It’s often the case that we can reel off for hours and hours all the things in life we don’t want, but when someone asks us what we do want, it becomes really difficult to answer the question.

I spend a lot of time with clients clarifying what they want because unless we actually know where we are heading, we cannot hope to achieve our desired outcomes. It is important not only in terms of goals we set for ourselves in the material sense but also the goals we set for our personal development and inner peace and balance.

Step one

  • Get a large sheet of paper and draw a large circle in the middle of it. Into the circle write everything that you want in your life. This list can be made up of your material, emotional and spiritual wants right now. Things such as money, health, love, friends, travel, peace, spiritual development….. ‘you get the idea’. Take time to do this and revisit it if you need to until you are completely happy with what is in your circle.

Step two

  • Around the outside of your circle, place all the things you need to release and let go of in order for you to achieve those things in the circle. Anything that is holding you up in your life, causing hurt, conflict, anxiety and discomfort. Ensure the list is comprehensive and honest. This list may also include, people, habits, addictions and material things that no longer serve the person, you are becoming.

Step three

  • Once you have made sure everything is listed, take a while to look at it and reflect upon it. Be honest ask yourself how much time do you spend focusing on the things inside the circle compared to the things outside? If you are responsible for manifesting your life in the way you want it and the time and energy you use to make things happen in your life dictate their successes then you may be surprised to see how little time you focus on the things inside your circle compared to the things outside. What would it be like to begin addressing the balance and shifting your focus and attention towards the things you really want in your life?

Step four

  • Once we have spent time in honest reflection on our circle, we can begin to realise the circle represents a personal boundary. It defines our sacred space, reflects our self worth and may need to be re enforced. Look at your life and think about the different elements that maintain all those things on the outside of your circle that don’t serve you, think about how much energy you are currently giving them and by doing so holding them in place. In what way do you need to enforce your personal space and boundaries? What are you currently thinking that you need to change? What emotions are you holding onto that do not support you and you need to release? Take your time to reflect upon this.

Step five

  • Notice in the days following the exercise that now you have clarified those things that you want in your life, you have also clarified the things you do not want anymore. Realise how much more aware you are of your personal boundaries and how often those things outside your circle appear in your life. When you notice them, you have the power to release them and focus instead on the things you really want in your life. This awareness strengthens your personal space and boundaries and as you make those changes will reflect a growing sense of personal value. Remember what you focus on manifests in your life.

Enjoy this simple exercise, I always see tremendous results in my clients when I use it with them.  Also remember the first step to really loving yourself and your life, is to clarify what it is that you want and begin to focus on it rather than all those things that make you feel unhappy. The exercise can be repeated regularly to ensure that it is current and as a way to re clarify where you are going and what you need to release.





1 thought on “New Beginnings

  1. I love this exercise… I read something recently that reminded me to be aware of where I put my attention… as ‘energy flows where attention goes’… one of my favorite principles of Hawaiian shamanism. The more I focus on what I want, the less the things I don’t want crop up… so if I don’t want my cat to bite my toes at 6am in every morning 🙂

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