Distant Healing

This week I am writing about Distant Healing. I use the practice of distant healing every day in many different ways and It’s effectiveness never fails to amaze me.

Distant Healing is the name we give to the process of sending Reiki outside of time and space. This could be to someone or something that is in a distant location from us or in a different time to us either in the past or future. We use a specific symbol sequence which enables us to do this grouped around the Distant Healing Symbol.

This symbol is composed of Kanji characters that are joined and combined together to form a magical formula like a spell. The significance and meaning of the symbol is hidden within it’s brush strokes and not at all apparent at first. The symbol has the appearance of  a pagoda and just like a ‘stairway to heaven’, it metaphorically forms a bridge to the ‘Great Sun Buddha’ reminding us of our connection to the Universal Energy.

There are layers of understanding within the symbol and a direct translation of the Kanji only goes so far in helping us to understand it’s secrets. Suffice to say, symbols represent keys and the distant healing symbol represents a key to the doors of time and space. The mantra that accompanies the symbol, ‘Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen’ can be translated to mean, “The true human being is not separated from Buddha Consciousness”.

Here lies the clue to the deeper significance within and possibly the real motive for its inclusion in the Reiki system by Mikao Usui. The distant healing symbol reminds us of our potential to find our Buddha nature through the inner journey and from there we realise our intimate connection with everything in Creation. Calling it distant healing therefore is somewhat misleading as in truth everything in this Universe is connected and it is through the use of the distant healing symbol that a Reiki practitioner begins to understand the impact their thoughts and intentions have on their own life as well as the outside world. By practising distant healing we begin to observe the effect our intention has and what influence we can bring to bear on our lives in progressive and positive ways. At it’s simplest distant healing is a prayer and at it’s more sophisticated it can be a powerful manifestation ritual. However we choose to use it, the symbol reflects our capacity to co-create as intelligent living breathing conscious beings.

I like to refer to living with intention as living in the spiritual zone. When we achieve it, it’s as if we are living in a state of grace where everything just seems to flow. Even when obstacles appear to block our path, we can exercise some influence rather than just seeing things as solid and immovable. By using distant healing we can learn to influence the outcome of events by sending positive energy to them.

Several years ago two students of mine were studying Second Level Reiki with me down in Dorset and at the end of a wonderful weekend, they made their way back home to Berkshire. I received a phone call that evening from them sounding very distressed and they told me that whilst with me, their home had been burgled and everything had been stolen. I immediately suggested doing two things. The first was to send distant healing to the situation and all their belongings and the second was to do a perimeter walk around their property using the space clearing method I described in a previous post. Later that night they received a phone call from the police that the burglars had been apprehended and all their property had been recovered…. Powerful stuff!

On my Master Teacher training weekends, I ask students to present an aspect of their Reiki training by randomly picking something out of a bowl that I pass around. One of my students Manjinder, picked distant healing. What followed was an inspiring presentation and I challenged him to go away and write it up as a homework project. What he has produced is 11,000 words giving us his own understanding of the process of distant healing and he would like to share it freely.

If you would like to read it, for a limited time, you can go to my subscriber resource page and  download it using the following username and password;
  • Username – freeresource
  • password – usuishikiryoho
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6 thoughts on “Distant Healing

  1. Looking forward to reading that… I logged in and could read two article (on chakras and initiations) but the link for the distant healing one didn’t work.

    Thanks for putting all this wisdom online 🙂

  2. Manj this is truly wonderful work – I have printed it (yes all 25 pages..) so that I can read it at my leisure. It is amazing – thank you for being so kind and allowing us all to share.
    Sue x

  3. With the development in software and technological applications, the scenario has changed completely.
    This shape is generally seen in individuals with Earth signs like Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus.

    Our goal is to glorify God We are to rejoice and praise God when a person is healed.

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    • I agree with you that technology can be a fantastic teaching and learning aid.
      However Reiki is more than a technique to be learnt, it is a personal and spiritual development tool.
      As such I believe strongly in mentoring my students personally. In addition, distant attunements are not part of the Usui Shiki Ryoho, they are an addition.

  4. Distance healing sounds pretty cool. I like how you said it helps us realize the impact our thoughts and intentions have on the world around us. What sort of things can be healed this way? Physical injuries, or mental illnesses?

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