Reiki and the Hara

What separates Reiki from other Ki disciplines that have evolved up to the rediscovery of Reiki by Mikao Usui? The gathering of Qi in Taoist and Qigong practices had the ultimate goal of union with the great primordial oneness. Therefore great emphasis was placed on developing and refining energy through the various energy centres in the body to arrive at a point of reconnection to the cosmos. Chakra theory follows a similar concept of refining the self and ascending through the energy centres, developing self-awareness of our essential nature and awakening our divine consciousness in the crown Chakra. Continue reading

Can anyone learn to Heal?

In this weeks blog I wish to discuss the questions can anyone learn to heal? Are some people more predisposed to be effective as healers than others and if so what can us lesser mortals do to improve our practice?

Over the years I’ve met some incredible healers and when it came to transmitting energy they seemed able to manifest huge amounts of Ki. Also their ability to perceive what was required and transmute energy went beyond the average Reiki practitioner. So in today’s blog I wish to discuss why that might be and how some people seem able to hold a healing space and channel energy more abundantly than others. Continue reading

Reiki and The Sun Buddha

This week, June 21st in the northern hemisphere we celebrate the Summer Solstice. The Earth is tilted 23.4’on it’s axis and depending on the time of year, is oriented either toward or away from the Sun.

On the Summer Solstice the Sun appears to stand still in our skies (Which is the meaning of solstice in Latin)  and just like a sunflower, the Earth has its face pointed towards the Sun for the longest day of the year. Even though after the solstice, the days begin to shorten  toward the autumn Equinox, on this day throughout the world people celebrate the arrival of summer. Continue reading


Following the enthusiastic response to my tale of Trust blog a few weeks ago, this week I am sharing a story from many years ago about synchronistic events that revealed to me how supported I am when I listen and observe the signs around me. It was 1994 and I was in Dingle bay in southern Ireland. I was with four good friends and we had journeyed down to Dingle to seek out a wild Dolphin called Fungi. We had had a couple of clear nights and unspoilt by light pollution, the stars took our breath away. We had braved the Irish Sea at four in the morning hoping for some deeply significant spiritual experience with Fungi but towards the end of our week we were running out of enthusiasm as it had been raining most of the time and we hadn’t really brought the right clothing. We had improvised with black bin liners and looked like badly constructed scarecrows only capable of scaring themselves. Continue reading